The Structure

  • Each partnership consists of 6 yearling colts purchased at public auction in Europe at an average of £50,000. The total budget allocated to purchasing is £300,000.
  • All horses within the partnership will be trained by Brian Meehan under the management of Sam Sangster.
  • The total amount raised is £600,000, the further £300,000 is used for all training, vet, transport and insurance to the end of 2024.
  • All syndicate members will receive regular updates via email, WhatsApp and video updates on all their horses throughout the season, badges and hospitality will be available on racedays and Open Days put on for the owners to visit the horses at home.


  • As mentioned above the total raised is £600,000 which is divided down into units of 10 which can be broken down should there be similar demand for the unit.
  • Your purchase will give you the same percentage across all 6 horses.
  • £60,000 per unit 10% ownership.
  • £30,000 5% or £15,000 2.5 % buy-ins also available should we be able to match and fill the unit.


  • The partnership is always set up for exit strategies. Horses are bought with an export market in mind for the right horse, countries such as Hong Kong, USA and UAE all pay premiums for high class two year olds which can demand over 10 times their purchase price.
  • The expected time frame for the partnership is two years with an option horse dependent of going to three years.
  • A full set of detailed accounts are provided at the end of each vear and audited by our Chairman Giles Morland.
  • All banking is run through Weatherbys Bank who reclaim all VAT for the partnership which is in turn returned as cash-flow.